Multilingualism is a worldwide trend nowadays. When looking for a job, not only skills and so-called soft skills play a role, but also language skills, although the majority disregard this fact. Today, language is more than a means of communication and the knowledge of at least one foreign language can be described as “must”. Many people even turn their love of foreign languages ​​into a profession. As a result, the technical translation service gains in importance.

For many students, translation is one of the most unpopular tasks. To translate a text from German into English, sometimes good language skills are not enough. This requires translation skills and a sense of language that are not easy to develop. That’s why we offer you our translation services. The academic experts have many years of experience and translate the texts and scientific papers in very different areas, including medicine, law, sports, business, science. We suggest a translation from our author:

“The key constitutional novelties regarding the status of the Constitutional Court are as follows:

  • new competencies of the Constitutional Court;
  • new requirements for judges of the constitutional court, including high moral character and recognized level of competence as a lawyer;
  • constitutionally mandated selection of CCU judges on a competitive basis.
  • Yet, the legislative implementation of the new constitutional provisions has become a problematic stage of the reform. “

“The main changes to the Constitutional Court are as follows:

  • new selection procedure of the Constitutional Court;
  • new requirements for judges who must follow moral standards as well as being recognized as qualified lawyers;
  • Constitutional appointment of constitutional judges after the selection procedure.

All these constitutional amendments aim to ensure the independence of the Constitutional Court. In the light of legislation, the implementation of constitutional reform is at a difficult stage. “

No “wrong friends of the translator” when our academic experts translate

The modern German language has already integrated thousands of English words. The term “denglisation”, as a mixture of the German and English language is no longer a surprise. “Mailen”, “chat” and “approven” have even adopted the German style of conjugation. But there are always two sides. With a language mishmash one fell more and more often in a trap, especially when the talk of an express translation.

Even if you have brilliant English skills, you can make a mistake. Nobody is safe from that. The word connection “wrong friends of the translator” is well known. The German words that sound similar to English are sometimes interpreted the same way and used in the wrong context. Instead of “news from industry” one says “news from branch” by replacing German “branch” by English “branch”, which have however completely different meanings. Still other common mistakes often occur in working life. The English “promotion” in meaning “career upgrade” has nothing to do with the German “promotion”. These are just a few examples of the “wrong friends”.

Avoiding English blunders is quite difficult, even when dealing with translations all the time. The faults of this kind sometimes creep in, as the human factor is not excluded. Inattention, tiredness and simply misunderstanding can put you in an awkward situation. That is why we offer you to apply for expert help from our experts.

We have a good reputation, so we only work with professionals who have excellent language skills and are familiar with different fields of knowledge. Our services include translations in English, French, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Turkish and, of course, German. You can either order a translation of German texts or these from the existing language into German. The range of topics is varied: from technical translations to the medical field. Thanks to our experts, you do not take the risk of receiving a faulty translation. No matter what type of translation you need, whether you are doing a master’s degree and translating, we are responsible for your order.

Lack of language skills to write an academic text? But no problem!

Imagine: You have decided on a semester abroad. They have sufficient English language skills to attend lectures and seminars and have the power to take on new challenges. Studying in English is one thing, but quite another is writing a scientific paper. Here we can help you. In a scientific work, one has to consider many aspects: from the syntax to the search for the appropriate technical terms.

At the beginning, English is a language of easy and clear sentence structure. In contrast to German, simple syntactic constructions are not a sign of the poor language level. If the German language is dominated by nouns and nominalization, English is a language of verbs. Although passive denotes the scientific writing style, this rule loses its relevance when we speak of English. All these grammatical, stylistic and syntactical details should not be ignored and must follow the rules. Therefore, the help of an English-speaking expert can be announced, this also addresses other languages.

So, we do not write the work only in German! If you need a translation and your English is not as good as German, we offer the service that will not cost you so much. They receive professional advice before a language expert prepares for a translation. With us you can order a work in English, French, Russian, Spanish, Arabic or Turkish. Our team of translation experts has been formed for years. The multilingualism of our authors was very helpful for our customers. As a result, our clientele has expanded considerably. About 90 authors who are able to write an excellent paper are at your disposal. Choose a! You should not be afraid to get low-quality work as our writers have already proven their language skills. We can even recommend some multilingual authors who know German, English and French for example or who speak German and Arabic.

Scientific work in several languages

Studying at a German university is not limited to German-language work. International conferences, student exchanges, workshops and seminars promote the constant use of foreign languages. Such events sometimes emerge quite unexpectedly and require certain preparation for which students usually do not have time. If you have a completed bachelor thesis in German, but need an introduction or a conclusion in Spanish at a conference in Barcelona, ​​our translation service will help. Translating the whole work is also out of the question. You announce the dates, we do the order. Since even a translation job is time-consuming, not to mention a scientific work, we like to take on this exhausting task, so you have a few hours off and do not deal with the extremely hard work. For example, if you already have a Bachelor degree and need a translation of your Master’s thesis for your Master’s degree, we are happy to help.

Another argument in favor of professional translation is the scientific writing style and terminology, which is not so easy to translate. You are very well versed in the topic and can easily use the terms in your native language. However, the foreign language can harbor many stumbling blocks. The German fixed phrases can be translated quite differently or not at all translatable. You can surf the internet for weeks and look up every word in the dictionary, but why? Better translate the academic expert.

Do not burden yourself with the boring translation work! You have no reason to doubt the professionalism of our experts. Just make an order and dedicate the time saved to a language club if you are interested in foreign languages. That brings more fun and use!

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